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Take Leadership Training and How To Be a Better Volunteer Training. These are some of our services. Workshops and online correspondence courses are offered. Start with the Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC). Take it online via email, at your own pace. Read more here.

Learn How To Write Letters: get this training through the RLTC course or check out this link we provide you.


Schedule a Workshop or Training Seminar: contact us for seminars and workshops ranging from a few hours to several days. Subjects include leadership, volunteer building, membership development, public speaking, letter writing, trail cleanups, club and organizational development, and much more. We customize to suit your needs.

Join Everything You Can Afford to Join: Start with BlueRibbon Coalition, then your regional or national sport-specific association; then your state association and local club if you can swing it all. We will help you get connected with the right folks.

Read Land Use Websites: like, and Email us if you have questions or need more resources.

Public Speaking Engagements and Motivational Speaking: we are happy to provide uplifting motivational speeches to groups and clubs. Email us for more details or pricing options.

White Papers and Articles: on land use, access, recreational leadership, volunteerism, and many more subjects. Just ask.

Buy from businesses that support land use. Ask them before you buy.

Get Help Dealing with Bureaucracy and Government Stuff. It's not hard, but it's certainly not something we were born with. We can help. Ask or refer to the article/info below.


Links: Join BlueRibbon Coalition; Get RLTC; Join Who?; Volunteer Training; Letter Writing Tips; Workshops; Bureaucracy and Articles; Exemplary Businesses


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