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Join, Advocate, Include others, and Letters -- write them! This is an acronym -- JAIL. Let's keep our public lands out from behind bars (gates). These are the most simple first steps you can take.

Steps we need to take to save our trailsJoin everything you can afford to join is the very first step. Then becoming a strong advocate for your sport and your trails are the next steps. Talk it up to anyone and everyone.

Include others when you can. Take newbies for a ride; take politicians for a ride; show folks outside our sport, WHY we love what we do. Adopt a trail. Write press releases about the good things your club accomplishes..

Write Letters when asked, even for places you have yet to see or enjoy. We all must work together and help each other with sheer numbers (and support). Write!

Buy only from businesses that support land use and our clubs/groups fighting for us.

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Links: Join BlueRibbon; Write Letters; More on How To Get Involved; Stellar businesses (examples)


What we can do for you; and you for the cause Important First Steps to Take Support, Links and Donate Options