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SaveMyTrails is simply one stop shopping, quick and easy for land use and access questions and help. It takes the meat from and other sites and brings you a centralized go-to place to get help in saving your trails. Not everything is here, but enough to get you going and on the right track. Your suggestions are welcomed.

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Developed and managed by Del Albright, (a semi-commercial site) is focused on helping grassroots activists all over the world, with any proceeds/ad revenue going to help land use and access through our work to help you..

Del Albright has 50 years of motorized and mechanized recreation experience, with nearly 30 years of trail-saving experience and teaching. With a Masters Degree in Environmental Planning combined with a BS in Forestry, Del has a lot of science behind his writing. This site captures all the tips and tricks learned through that education and over that time.

While this site tries to incorporate all the possible places to get help, there is always the possibility we left out someone or some organization. Please accept our apology if that is the case -- and be sure to let us know.

Everything on this site is copyrighted, but available to persons/groups/clubs advocating for responsible motorized access to public and private lands.


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