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Join BlueRibbon Coalition: start with this umbrella group, our champions of responsible multiple use. This includes every sport; every activist. BRC is the future and we need this umbrella resource to help us all save our trails.

Join your sport specific national group. For four-wheelers that means United Four Wheel Drive Associations. For dirt bikers, that means AMA. There's more; join those that fit.

Join your regional and state association. If your state has an association, join it. If you have a regional group, get involved with it as well.

Join your local club. So much of what we do is done at the local level. And most of our bragging rights come from local clubs. Get in the game with one. Just do a Google search for a club in your area.

Join EVERYTHING you can afford to join. We must build an army and this is how we do it. We need the numbers to offset those who oppose what we do. Membership dues are a simple way to keep folks fighting for you.

There is no magic here. Everyone must join up if we are to build a grassroots army to stop the restrictions and unfair taking of our public (and even private) lands.

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